Home automation

Connect your zerver enabled devices to internet and
control your home directly from cloud


Environment monitoring

Draw charts from your environment sensors


Internet enabled
home appliances

You may connect your home appliances to internet,
and let talk to each other

Zerver Internet of Things (IoT) platform written in JAVA programming language.

Zerver is designed to understand byte message formats sent by constrained battery powered devices as well as any other application including mobile.

It can transform your binary data to JSON format and represent as nice charts to see historical data from internet connected sensors on Zerver dashboard as well as custom mobile applications connected via MQTT broker.
Data can be visualized in various ways, every type of datasource can have multiple versions of custom build and uploaded administration and online monitoring panels which can be placed on the dashboard.


  • Grafana/Kibana based dashboards will display your data to chart or map or other dashboard components.
  • MQTT brokers accessible via TCP/IP and WebSocket as well as plain TCP/IP protocols.
  • define datasources and later data feeded to that datasources may be displayed to the dashboards or accessed via REST API.
  • You can deploy you own plugin UI component for Zerver dashboard do display and control data from broker connected device.
  • REST API for administration

Use Cases

  • Home automation - control your home from Zerver.
  • Environment monitoring
  • Housekeeping
  • Agriculture
  • Telemetry
  • Remote debugging of your application - store metrics and logs of you client applications.
  • Add connectors for home appliances to control them over internet.
  • Build Custom HTML5 SCADA terminal for industrial devices with Modbus to Zerver protocol translation.
  • Create dashboard templates for your clients.
  • Build your own Zerver based our software.

Features for end User

  • Responsive dashboard application with build in charts and gadget user interface plugins.
  • Simple device registration, no need to configure networks.
  • See in one place all devices from different locations.
  • Dashboard templates.
  • Receive notification events from devices via email and mobile applications

Hosted Zerver service

Zerver.io is hosted Zerver service.
Please contact us via email at info@tinovi.com for any questions about Tinovi IoT coud software.